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Techies Expect Promotions After Upskilling

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The Times of India – by Veena Mani

Techies Expect Promotions After Upskilling

Techies who are upskilled by their employers have the expectation of faster promotion, a survey conducted by tech firm EPAM and market research firm CyberMedia Research (CMR) said.

About 91% of the respondents said that developmental and on-job training is their topmost expectation from the organization they work with. Professionals between 23 and 25 years of age are the most eager to be promoted quickly by upskilling themselves, with 57% of them saying so.

“This survey has shown us that companies investing in the career of employees by giving them an opportunity to grow through it is the best retention strategy. Techies do not want to just be given a set of courses to complete. They want to be able to choose their career path and course,” said Srinivas Reddy, managing director of EPAM India.

EPAM and CMR interviewed 800 professionals from IT services and product companies. All the respondents were aged between 23 and 30. More women were concerned about getting flexibility at the workplace, to be able to work from home, than men. More men felt training is important and their focus was to train to climb up the career ladder.

Originally published in The Times of India.