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We believe that our people are the source of our success. We give our employees the resources they need to build a successful career by supporting initiatives and ideas.


EPAM provides a great opportunity for students and college graduates to start their careers with us.


EPAM provides a great opportunity for students and college graduates to start their careers with us.


Prasad Gosavi

"Prasad our super cyclist from Pune, completed 1000kms in 55 days! Embarking on a city-wide ride covering major landmarks of Pune like Empress Garden, Shaniwarwada, University campus etc., Prasad wanted to explore the cultural flavour of the city during his rides. Also an avid photographer, Prasad chose routes that were rich in cultural diversity and beauty. Besides fitness, Prasad's passion for cycling comes from discovering the unexplored parts of his city and meeting new people during these rides. Cycle rides, he says, also give him a sense of freedom and empowerment that is very rarely experienced in other forms of transport.
For now, 1000km is just a number on the wall for Prasad. He is getting ready for his next adventure that will take him to new places and experiences.
We look forward to hearing about his next adventure soon!"
Prasad rides a bicycle

Rahul Kumar

"Rahul is a lead automation test engineer with EPAM India, who has developed a plugin for the integration of a report portal written in Jbehave with KARATE framework. Rahul took up this challenge with a plan to inject Junit runner in the custom report which KARATE was using. After a week of breaking down the code of KARATE, Cucumber, Junit and Report portal – they created a plugin for KARATE/ Report Portal integration. He got in touch with the team who had hosted the Report Portal on open source system and presented this new plugin. Today, this plugin is made available for public use on Github for other people to use."

Rahul Kumar

Ankit Raghuwanshi

"Ankit Raghuwanshi is a Senior Systems Engineer at EPAM India. Ankit is a tech wizard who leads innovation projects in India. A member of India Garage, at any given point Ankit is actively involved in at least 5 different garage projects and consulting on few others. He is also a CI/CD coach, a DevOps community speaker, and an avid sportsperson with a keen enthusiasm for trekking, cycling, badminton & cricket. Beyond all this if he has any spare time, you will find him organizing or participating in Hackathons!"

Ankit Raghuwanshi

Career Path

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Employee engagement

  • Adaptation is part of our onboarding process to share relevant information with new employees.
  • Learn is our education center where you can find a variety of trainings to help you develop.
  • University is an eLearning platform designed to support your continuous professional development through online education.
  • Feedback allows you to gain 360-degree feedback about your work from peers, managers, clients and team members.
  • Grow helps you plan your career with EPAM by setting personal and career goals, creating an action plan and tracking your progress.
  • Competency lays out a career path for each employee based on where you are now in your career.
  • Events is a special platform for monitoring events at EPAM and offers videos of speaker presentations.
  • Telescope is a platform that aggregates data about each employee so you can find information about teams, departments and individuals quickly.

We have developed several onboarding programs to guide you personally and professionally from the beginning of your career with us.

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