Senior Systems Engineer (Cloud.Azure)
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Senior Systems Engineer (Cloud.Azure)

Senior Systems Engineer (Cloud.Azure)

We are currently looking for Senior Systems Engineer (Cloud.Azure) in India for our offices in multiple locations & Remote working.

We are looking for experienced Software Engineers to work on critical application & product development. You'll be a part of a modern, lean, self-governing engineering teams.


  • Configure Express Route on V2
    • Improve isolation and security posture for Azure devop repos
      • Remediate Redlock alerts of Azure Cloud Platform
        • V2 Terraform Enterprise
          • Identify and document foundational RBAC roles and role management
            • Implement Foundational Identity Security (PIM)
              • Foundational security implementations to Azure Cloud Platform
                • Enable diagnostic Logging for Azure Cloud Platform
                  • Design and implement fundamental Azure Cloud Platform Networking
                    • Design and Implement Azure Cloud Platform Monitoring for maintaining the platform
                      • App Onboarding and Inflation Process
                        • Engineering Principles
                          • Everything follows the principles of ‘secure by design’ and ‘least-privilege’
                            • Comply with all CSTR standards
                              • FaaS first, CaaS second, IaaS third
                                • Comply with all Cloud Platform & Engineering standards
                                  • SWIPE wherever possible
                                    • Python & Terraform
                                      • Source code stored in SAMI GitLab
                                        • Everything is pipelined & automated
                                          • No manual steps unless for GitOps processes (e.g. commit/MR)


                                            • Cloud.Azure
                                              • Terraform

                                                We offer

                                                • Opportunity to work on technical challenges that may impact across geographies
                                                  • Vast opportunities for self-development: online university, knowledge sharing opportunities globally, learning opportunities through external certifications
                                                    • Opportunity to share your ideas on international platforms
                                                      • Sponsored Tech Talks & Hackathons
                                                        • Unlimited access to LinkedIn learning solutions
                                                          • Possibility to relocate to any EPAM office for short and long-term projects
                                                            • Focused individual development
                                                              • Benefit package: Health benefits, Retirement benefits, Paid time off, Flexible benefits
                                                                • Forums to explore beyond work passion (CSR, photography, painting, sports, etc.)

                                                                  Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune

                                                                  Cities eligible for the position