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Frequently Asked Questions

How do employees get evaluated at EPAM?

Perfomance reviews are conducted every six months. EPAM has a robust competency framework to help employees understand the skills and experience required at different levels. Employees have the opportunity to advance to the next level after being assessed on technical and professional expertise.

What unique career benefits does EPAM offer?

Employees have the opportunity to work within a global organization with the world’s leading companies. Our employees can manage their own careers and have access to numerous tools and resources to help them advance.

What projects do EPAMers in India work on?

EPAM India works with global leaders in Banking and Financial Services, Travel and Consumer, Software and Hi-Tech, Media and Entertainment, Life Sciences and Healthcare.

Does EPAM offer employees a work/life balance?

It is important that employees organize their work and responsibilities so a healthy work/life balance can be achieved. We offer the flexibility to work from home with the consent of your manager.

Does EPAM assist employees with relocation?

Yes, we will guide you throughout this process, and provide resources and references to relocate throughout the organization.

Do I receive a benefit if I refer a candidate before I join?

Yes, you are entitled to the referral benefit as per company policy.

What are the insurance benefits provided to employees?

Employees have access to medical insurance for themselves and immediate family (spouse, parents and up to two children), personal accidental insurance coverage and group-term life insurance.

Do employees receive tax benefits?

EPAM provides flexible benefit options that will help employees to choose the options available for tax benefits as per the Income Tax Act.

Does the company provide transportation for employees?

EPAM India provides shuttle services at a few pick-up points, as well as home pick-up and drop-off for employees on maternity leave. For employees who work overtime, cabs are provided per company policy.

Does the company provide mobile or internet reimbursements?

Based on an employee’s business needs, EPAM provides mobile and internet reimbursements.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!