Who We Are

We are a global team of technologists and thinkers united by our values and passion for technology.

Our values


Value the individual

  • We perceive our people as a source of our success
  • We do not micromanage and we judge by results
  • We provide limitless opportunities for smart, self-motivated, proactive and collaborative individuals
  • We encourage and motivate people to grow
  • We tolerate mistakes, and we learn from them

Act as a team

  • We treat one another with respect and communicate openly
  • We encourage the best ideas to come from anywhere within the organization
  • We collaborate seamlessly with others and we value our diversity

Act with integrity

  • We operate legally, honestly and ethically
  • We strive to conduct business with uncompromising integrity
  • We take responsibility for our actions

Focus on the customer

  • We build long term customer relationships by delivering quality and superior value
  • We strive to always understand our customers’ business and needs
  • We are responsive, responsible, straight-forward, direct, and honest in our dealings with our customers

Strive for excellence

  • We strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence
  • We continuously learn, develop, innovate and improve
  • We take pride in our engineering and accomplishments
Our Pillars