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Onboarding at EPAM India

We want you to be confident and feel welcome from your first day on the job. Our onboarding programs set you up for success at EPAM.

Red Carpet Program

As part of our pre-onboarding engagement initiative, EPAM India launched the Red Carpet program to encourage a continuous and ongoing dialogue with future EPAMers. Every offered candidate receives a personalized welcome scroll from the EPAM India GDO Head, Srinivas Reddy, and the EPAM Lookbook, which provides a preview of our company and the work that we do. Once the welcome kit has been sent to the candidate within the first two weeks of the offer, the candidate also receives a welcome call from the HR Team and Delivery Team to offer guidance and answer questions. Through the Red Carpet program, we are committed to ensuring our future EPAMers are engaged and excited to join our company.

My Offer Portal

For employees who have already received a job offer, EPAM India gives you private access to view important documents, processes, information on what to expect on your first day, and the ability to communicate with your manager and HR liason.

Six-Month Onboarding & Adaptation Program

The Six-Month Onboarding and Adaptation Program helps new hires adapt to EPAM. We provide a helping hand in guiding new team members through the diverse EPAM environment, its tools and processes, and new roles and responsibilities. Through the program, we organize weekly and monthly activities and events to assimilate you with our culture.

Onboarding program panorama

We look forward to you joining our team and wish you success at EPAM!