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Career Development

We believe that our people are the source of our success. We give our employees the resources they need to build a successful career by supporting initiatives and ideas.

Build your own career path

At EPAM, we provide limitless career opportunities for smart, self-motivated, proactive and collaborative individuals. Customize your career advancement – from technical and industry expertise, to project and resource management, to solution engineering, delivery management and more.


EPAM provides a great opportunity for students and college graduates to start their careers with us.

Employee Engagement Resources

  • Adaptation is part of our onboarding process to share relevant information with new employees.
  • Learn is our education center where you can find a variety of trainings to help you develop.
  • University is an eLearning platform designed to support your continuous professional development through online education.
  • Feedback allows you to gain 360-degree feedback about your work from peers, managers, clients and team members.
  • Grow helps you plan your career with EPAM by setting personal and career goals, creating an action plan and tracking your progress.
  • Competency lays out a career path for each employee based on where you are now in your career.
  • Events is a special platform for monitoring events at EPAM and offers videos of speaker presentations.
  • Telescope is a platform that aggregates data about each employee so you can find information about teams, departments and individuals quickly.

Onboarding Program at EPAM India

We have developed several onboarding programs to guide you personally and professionally from the beginning of your career with us.


Contact us to learn about the EPAM adaptation process for newcomers and what we do to facilitate professional and personal growth.