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Learn From EPAM Leaders

Our mentoring programs provide you with direct access to a successful leader at EPAM to guide you in your career path.

Managers’ Mentoring Program

The Managers’ Mentoring Program is specifically for new or potential managers to learn leadership skills and enhance their career. EPAM India currently has 17 mentors who work individually with high-performing EPAMers who are on the career path to be a manager.

Tech Mentoring Program

The Tech Mentoring Program helps our younger engineers grow and progress by providing long-term education, training events and technical coaching from experienced colleagues. It is developed according to project needs, expertise and requirements and is focused on certain technical skills based on what is needed.

“Mentoring is an effective tool to develop leadership in the organization and foster organization culture, learn different viewpoints, and while on this journey improve your own skills and build a long lasting relationship.”

Sandeep Joshi

Senior Director, Delivery Management

“Mentoring is an essential part of our talent development strategy. It’s also very engaging and quite a bit of fun!”

Larry Solomon

SVP, Chief People Officer