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Engineering Excellence

Engineering is in our DNA. Our company was founded on our award-winning engineering skills.

EngX Week

EngX Week is a week-long celebration of software craftsmanship at EPAM India with multiple events such as tech talks, innovation ideas, quizzes, panel discussions and coding events. During EngX Week in June 2017, more than 200 engineers participated in the event.

EPAM India Hackathon

EPAM India Hackathon was our first-ever local hackathon where EPAMers formed teams and coded together for 36 hours to come up with a feasible solution to a business problem centered around the topic of helping EPAM improve their hiring process.


EPAM Dojo is a platform that implements the deliberate practice paradigm and edutainment concepts. It is open source, engages engineers into a process of continuous learning, and builds a crowdsourcing community of contributors from developers to production trainers.

Global Day of Code Retreat

Global Day of Code Retreat is an annual day-long, intensive practice event focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design, and provides developers with the opportunity to take part in focused practice, away from the pressure of ‘getting things done’.


Build-a-thon is EngX Week’s most coveted event, where 10 teams come together to build an application or accelerator in four days, outside of their routine project deliverables.

Panel discussions

Panel discussions are regularly held to discuss what software engineering excellence is.

EngX Bootcamp

EngX Bootcamp is a course aimed at promoting the best engineering practices, processes and tools and the main goal is to influence an engineering culture and product development mindset.

First Prize Winners of the EPAM India Hackathon

“The hackathon was a great event where we came together in several teams to collaborate on innovative ideas. As newbies at EPAM, we experienced how team spirit plays an important part in driving towards a goal and how everyone's participation makes it possible to achieve that goal. Thank you to EPAM India for providing us this opportunity to showcase our ideas.”


Second Prize Winners of the EPAM India Hackathon

“The EPAM Hackathon was focused on solving a real-world problem with innovative and scalable ideas. During the 36 hours, we challenged ourselves to achieve a common goal with cutting-edge technology, like machine learning, IoT and data structures. Seeing a project from ideation to implementation is a big motivator for any developer – that’s what a hackathon is all about. Thanks for providing this opportunity!”

Gowtham Thurangi, Rakesh Gupta, Sana Parveen, Saurabh Mishra, Saurabhkumar Marpadge

Third Prize Winners of the EPAM India Hackathon

“Throughout the event, we felt excited, nervous, tired, rushed, motivated, passionate and enlightened. We have never been around so many passionate and dedicated people. We learned new frameworks and libraries together, and it was a wonderful learning experience. We would like to thank the organizers for making this a smooth and flawless event.”

Partha Sen, Shailendra Pallikonda