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EPAM Communities

Our internal communities provide a space for our employees to learn from one another, share best practices, network and have fun.

Solution Architect Aspirant Community

The Solution Architect Aspirant Community Program is a community for EPAMers who want to follow the career path of a Solution Architect. This program aims to provide clarity on the Solution Architect role at EPAM by involving learners in real business scenarios through workshops. EPAMers participate in experiential learning from existing architecture case studies, learn to think like a Solution Architect and solve business problems.

EPAM India Agile Community

The EPAM India Agile Community is a committee of 25 members who are either new or experienced in Agile that share knowledge about Agile practices, conduct workshops on topics picked by members and brainstorm ideas. As part of the Agile community, a weekly Agile Clinic is available for EPAMers to discuss issues or concerns and get advice from Agile coaches.

Architecture Excellence Initiative

The Architecture Excellence Initiative is an educational program and community of Solution Architects and Developers aimed at centralizing and developing architecture-related expertise. Launched in May 2017, it is focused on spreading knowledge about best practices, real cases studies, lessons learned and technology experience.

Business Analyst Community

The Business Analyst Community is a network of global EPAM Business Analysts that collaborate and deliver feasible solutions for clients and end-users. The community also focuses on mentoring and helping junior Business Analysts grow in their careers.

Java User Group Community

The Java User Group Community hosts a series of sessions every month where EPAMers can learn about various topics and share knowledge related to Java. Launched in March 2017, this community has facilitated nearly eight sessions on topics including Memory Management in Java, Java Webapps and Selenium Automation, and Artificial Neural Network.