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Our internal communities provide a space for our employees to learn from one another, share best practices, network and have fun.

Our most active communities

Disruption is the buzzword in the world of technology and is the backbone of all new future trends of the industry. But it does not happen in isolation. A deep knowledge base and collaboration is required to bring about any kind of disruption. At EPAM India, we are always looking for ways to disrupt the status quo and bring forth new trends that adds value not just to our clients but also to our own knowledge and engineering culture. EPAM has always encouraged dedicated spaces for learning through collaboration – and Community Building is one such initiative.

Community Building Initiative aims at building a well networked global engineering community, at the center of which lies the EPAM culture of Engineering DNA. Community Building is emerging as a great space to play and explore with technology - for curious minds and innovative callings. The geeks of EPAM have finally found their arena!

Hear from our EPAMers

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This is one of the biggest communities at EPAM, and easily the most active! They redefine collaboration and networking with their unique meet-ups and community events. Creatively named Watson, Sherlock, J-Baat, J-Scribe and J-Fundae series, their events range from weekly quizzes, to blogging contests, to tech talks, to open discussion forums over tea. Engaging topics ensure that these meet-ups are well attended, and the sessions regularly bring out innovative and creative ideas for implementation by the group.

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This is easily our most fun community that loves puzzles, hacking, challenging the status quo and driving new initiatives. They launched their community with a nationwide Tester’s Day launch, which was an engaging event with lots to learn about different testing practices, oodles of code testing puzzles and live hacking demo! They take their learning and fun very seriously and are the only community who are great at combining the two well.

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This community is a dedicated space for new ideas and innovations. Their topics of discussion and collaboration are always centered around what’s next and discussing new ideas that different teams have implemented in their daily work life. They are all about design thinking and disrupting the field. A haven for serious learners and inventors!

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