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Testing Community Events in 2019

The Testing community is one of the bigger communities at EPAM India. They are an active bunch, whose love for code transcends everything else. They had an action packed 2019, where a lot of community members organized many tech talks and collaborative learning events. Their sessions covered a range of topics like:

  • API Testing series workshop - where they focused each week on different types of API testing. They brought in SMEs who covered the entire gamut of Functional, Performance, Automation and Security testing under the API series. Speakers used live case studies as demo examples to make their sessions more relatable and easier to comprehend.
  • Internal Test-Auto-Thon, where close to 25 teams participated in it. This was basically a hackathon for software test engineers where participants were required to implement an automation and integration workflow involving multiple test scenarios for a web application. The test scenarios include Web UI scenarios (desktop & mobile) as well web service end point(s). Of the 25 teams who participated, the top 4 teams were chosen to represent EPAM India at the All-India Testautothon competition organised by Step-In across three cities - Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune.

For the external events, the community forged new partnerships with Null Hyderabad & Step-In communities, who designed interesting community meetup experiences for us.  

With Step-In, EPAM engineers participated in the all-India Testautothon contests in Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. The team at Hyderabad won the second place in this testautothon. Congratulations to Srinivas Jonnala, Satya Prasad Dakinedi, Jyotsana Sree Maragani, Utsav Mori, and Shiv Prakash Tripathi! 

During the months of September & October, the community did two events with Null Hyderabad - one on IOT Communication Security.  The other Null event was the community's 100th event, where EPAMers Harikrishna Valugonda and Sai Palvai took key sessions. Hari spoke about how to look for sensitive information like cloud secret keys, passwords, etc., from the git repositories of an application. He demonstrated manual ways to obtain the info and using some automated tools. Sai spoke about escaping docker containers, where he demonstrated techniques on how to escape attackers who access the file system by exploiting various misconfigurations inside the docker.