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Java Community in 2019

EPAM’s India Java User Group conducted 34 meetups and tech sessions in 2019! From inviting external speakers, to hosting internally conducted tech discussions the community was easily one of the most active ones at EPAM.

Creatively captioned as Sherlock, Watson and J-Baat series, these tech sessions focus on in-depth discussions and collaborative learnings on every topic in the world of Java.  Some of the topics they covered through the year are:

  • Graph Database
  • Backend for Frontend pattern
  • 3-part series on Angular 7
  • Transactions in Mircroservices
  • Functional Programming Idioms in Scala
  • Reactive Architecture: Domain Driven Design(DDD)
  • IOT enabled Microservices solution for Pollution control

The community also partners with JUG-Hyderabad at regular intervals to host interesting speakers at EPAM. In August, they invited the highly popular Java speaker Dr. Venkat Subramaniam – Author & founder of Agile INC. to our Hyderabad office, where he spoke to an audience of about 250 engineers (both EPAMers and others). Dr. Venkat spoke about the evolution of Java from 9 to 12. Peppered with humorous witticisms and coding as he spoke, he showed the implementations of Java features LIVE across Java versions to enable the audience to experience the evolution of Java in all its splendor!