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Garage at EPAM India

Garage is a platform, space, and a community where EPAMers bring ideas into reality. The garage is a busy place — and not just because of all the innovation, testing, and thinking that happens there. Guests can range from EPAM’s developers, coders, and engineers, to top management, important clients, and ordinary students. The community is working on a host of projects, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Air Pollution Tracker - The project is developed in the view to create a system that can monitor and control air pollution within a premise.
  • Gross Company Happiness Meter - Monitoring emotions among the employees by reading facial vectors through camera captured images
  • BET (Book EPAM Transport) App – An internal “uber” app that allows employees to book EPAM transport cabs for drops and pick ups to nearest metro stations
  • Guide in the Dark – A guide for the visually impaired to assess their environment and give them voice based inputs

The community also conducted an Engineers’ Week in September 2019. They hosted a slew of workshops and activities aimed at learning and collaboration. Global EPAM speakers were invited to speak about new trends in Design thinking. They also conducted a Design Thinking workshop for EPAM India Garage innovators and EPAM kids. During this week, EPAM India Garage also did an exhibition demonstration of all their projects.