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Women in Technology Forum

We kicked off March 2019 with the launch of the India chapter of Women in technology forum. This forum is a first step towards providing a unified direction to initiate collective action towards creating a gender balanced workplace at EPAM India.

The launch was marked by activities such as a Tech Talk series on ‘Next Wave Technology’ by EPAMers, an exclusive Coding Dojo challenge for women coders in Hyderabad, an external speaker session at Pune by two engaging women leaders - Mrs. Kavita Kulkarni - CHRO at Varroc Engineering Limited, and Mrs. Sulabha Deuskar - Vice principal & Head, Dept of Electronic Science, Modern college.

Bhargavi Sriram won the Tech Talk series, while Anita Tripuraneni & Aishwarya Bommisetty won the Women’s Coding Dojo challenge.

Celebrations galore, deeply insightful talks, and engaging conversations marked this launch. Ponnaga V - Delivery Manager, summed the context and the reason behind why a Women in technology forum is important - "A balanced workforce ensures a diverse range of perspectives and ideas, thereby driving productivity and innovation higher in organizations. This in turn leads to higher revenues. Gender diversity is more than just a feminist topic, it is the need of the hour for all businesses and countries."