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Fun with Learning – Coding Dojos are the Answer!

We are putting the fun back in coding with CODENJOY – EPAM’s Coding Dojo platform. A new team takes on the challenge each week, where EPAMers master coding skills while having fun with fellow engineers. Learning surely is done differently at EPAM India!

Associates are paired up in teams, and they work in full-force for over 3 hours to complete the game-task given to them. Collaborative learning breaks new ground with developers and QA engineers coming together in a single team to work out a myriad of coding challenges.

Supported by Sensei from Minsk, Belarus – Alexey Shcheglov & Yury Valashchuk – these events are led and sponsored by Practice Heads and Program Managers, who are also present throughout the event to mentor and coach the participants.

The enthusiastic response to this Coding Dojo has led to more such challenges being planned in the coming weeks for other projects / accounts of EPAM India.