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Christmas Celebrations at EPAM India

EPAMers in Hyderabad and Pune recently celebrated Christmas with some fun events. In Hyderabad, EPAMers gathered to sing Christmas carols and participate in a card-making competition. More than 20 EPAMers participated in the event and created innovative greeting cards, which were posted on Yammer for employees to vote on their favorite design.

At EPAM Pune, associates celebrated the end to a great year, as well as EPAM’s 25th anniversary with a special cake and toast by Srinivas Reddy, EPAM India GDO Head and Pune leadership. This was followed by a treasure hunt where clues were hidden across the office for EPAMers to find the treasure. The team also participated in some games, which were thoroughly enjoyed by all of the participants as well as the audience. To add color to the festivities, employees came dressed in red and black color attire as they sang carols to embrace the spirit of Christmas. EPAM wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!