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Agile Community

EPAM Agile Community in partnership with Agile Network India (ANI) hosted a group of engineers and agile enthusiasts to discuss various ways in which we can inculcate the agile mindset in our daily work. We had speakers from different organizations who presented on a range of topics.

First speaker, Arjun Majumdar (Agile Coach, F5 Networks) took a session on "Employee Engagement in Agile World". He spoke about employee motivators, building an agile culture at work, and how leadership models can be redefined using agile - as a part of his Employee Engagement session. One interesting takeaway from his session was about nurturing leaders, which involves; Finding & Shaping Brilliance, Creating Goal Clarity & Alignment, Boldly Raising the Bar after each success!

The second speaker Satya Yellapantula (Scrum Master, Pegasystems) spoke about "Engaged Retrospectives" with new or geographically distributed teams. From ice-breaking fun games to mood connect survey of "glad, mad, sad" - she showed how simple games could be used to deepen the bond within the team, increase trust and break the monotony of routine. She also spoke about a "Library of Games" as an employee engagement medium, a fascinating concept some organizations use to foster team spirit. 

The last speaker of this session was our very own EPAMer Ratan Das (Scrum Master & Sr. Delivery Mgr, EPAM Systems), who presented our globally successful case study of building Agile distributed teams as a part of the Mastercard GDPR project. He spoke about how, when it came to globally distributed teams, the biggest deterrent to implementing agile methodology is, not surprisingly, physical location. Some of the factors that must be considered to effectively implement agile methodology include team efficiency and productivity, real-time implementation feedback and team alignment.