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The Healthcare Codefest 2018

Transforming healthcare one code at a time!

EPAM India recently held a Codefest to tackle some of healthcare industry’s toughest challenges, such as providing timely, efficient patient care in a data-secure environment. Six teams with five-six members in each team participated in the contest. Each team picked out an industry challenge that ranged from delivering an efficient process between payor and provider and developing a public health scoring system to determine optimum insurance premiums to building more robust, secure channels of communication between patients, providers and payors.

The teams’ cutting-edge technology solutions using blockchain, cloud, machine learning and AI helped address these challenges.

At the end of the Codefest, each team presented their results to a panel of EPAM India’s senior leaders. The winning team, Cloud Chasers, designed a reference architecture for loud platforms that could be used for MVC-based applications. The premise was that applications that are built customized to their respective platforms are more efficient and easier to maintain, thereby delivering value to healthcare enterprises.

The second place team, Change Squad, developed a connectivity platform using blockchain to help payors exchange data at a higher level of encryption with their providers and consumers in real-time. The premise was that a lack of connectivity between payors, providers and patients results in lower quality healthcare, poor health outcomes and higher costs for payors.