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EPAM opens Next-Gen Engineering center in Hyderabad, India

On June 28, 2018, EPAM opened a brand new Digital Engineering Center in Hyderabad, India, featuring a design studio and an innovation garage center. The new facility with the capacity to seat 1,600 people is designed to enable advanced technical training, research, development and customer programs ranging from product development to digital platforms. The Telangana IT and industries minister KT Rama Rao and EPAM’s President & CEO Arkadiy Dobkin inaugurated the facility, which will support global customer collaboration and hybrid product design and development activities.

The new facility has been designed with linear workstations to foster activity-based working and increased collaboration. Collaboration areas and scrum areas have also been built in the new office to promote agile work spaces for employees. A design studio and innovation garage increase EPAM's value for customers by providing a space to develop innovative and inspiring solutions.

“India continues to be an in-demand destination for our global clients. Our global clients are demanding scale and agility as well as advanced digital engineering skills. To deliver these new digital programs, we are reshaping the way we select, train and deploy our teams in India and around the world, effectively refining our customer engagements, redefining our collaboration spaces and ultimately reshaping the ways in which we work,” said Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO and President of EPAM.

The Hyderabad office is not only an innovative space for our EPAMers in the region but it also marks a significant milestone of EPAM’s expansion in India, which began in 2015 with the acquisition of Alliance Global Services. In 2018, we have strengthened EPAM’s global footprint, especially in APAC.