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EPAM India Hosts Null Information Security Meetup

EPAM India hosted an Information Security community meetup in May organized by Null. Established as a non-profit society in 2010, Null is India’s largest open security community run by a group of very enthusiastic security professionals whose goal is to spread awareness and make the internet a secure place for everyone.

Null conducts monthly meetings where information security enthusiasts learn about new technology, bugs and cyber risks and how to address them. The recent community meeting hosted by EPAM India had more than 85 participants who gathered together to brainstorm how to strengthen security processes in organizations and increase security awareness. Industry experts led the discussion through five sessions on topics, such as Understanding Public Key Authentication, Intro to SIEM and Threat Intel, and How to Build a Career in Security. The event was very successful and participants interacted with speakers about how to promote advanced security research and spread security awareness among netizens.