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EPAM India hosts Business Agility Meetup

EPAM India hosted its first Business Agility Meetup on October 7, 2018 with the Business Agility Institute (BAI). The BAI is a global community and advocacy organization that promotes effective ways of working, and covers everything from non-hierarchical organizational design, leadership, organizational culture and agile best practices. Tracing its origins to many of the Japanese management theories from the 1940s, agile management is experiencing a huge resurgence in many major corporations today, and hundreds of agile managers participate in the BAI.

During the session, participants had a chance to interact with the founder of the Business Agility Institute, Evan Leybourn over video. It was an interactive session with quizzes and games to engage participants. The professionals interacted and shared ideas and discussed agile concepts during the meetup.

In the future, EPAM India will host Business Agility Meetups every month featuring different guest companies and speakers who will share their knowledge and best practices with agile professionals.