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EngX Week at EPAM India

EPAM India recently hosted EngX Week from June 18 to June 22, 2018. More than 500 EPAM engineers participated in the week-long event, which included tech talks, contests and coding events.

The topics of the tech talks ranged from DevSecOps, Autonomous Robots for Indoor Navigation using IoT, Salesforce Deployments, Angular 5 + Ngrx, Garbage Collection Internals in .NET and Emerging Technologies in Android. These sessions helped employees gain insights on the latest technologies and trends in the industry. EngX Week also included EPAM Dojo, which is an open source platform that implements the deliberate practice paradigm and edutainment concepts, engages engineers into a process of continuous learning, and builds a crowdsourcing community of contributors from developers to production trainers. EPAM Dojo events, such as CodeNjoy, Coderetreat, Coding Kata on Refactoring and Design patterns, helped EPAMers collaborate with fellow engineers, share ideas and learn new concepts. During the week, daily quizzes were sent to EPAMers to solve coding puzzles and challenges, and the winners were awarded with prizes.