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Code for a Cause Hackathon

EPAM India recently held a 36-hour hackathon around the topic ‘Code for a Cause’. Participants were given three themes and mentors were assigned to each theme to guide the participants. 38 EPAMers in 12 teams participated in the event and there was virtual collaboration among EPAMers based out of Hyderabad and Pune.

The first theme of the Hackathon was Augmented Reality Collaboration where teams had to help users of Augmented Reality devices make the best use of their time and become attentive to tasks and action items assigned to them by others. The second theme centered on Gamification of Learning. While learning is critical to technology companies, continuous learning is a challenge. Participants had to brainstorm unique approaches in introducing gamification platforms to make continuous learning more fun. The third theme for the hackathon was on Smart Parking. Teams had to come up with a system to improve the overall utilization of parking slots (ideally 100% utilization of all parking slots).

The mentors assigned for each theme shared best practices while teams deliberated and discussed different approaches and came up with sustainable solutions. At the end of the hackathon, each team presented their result and a panel of EPAM India’s senior leaders evaluated them. The winning team was comprised of new RD hires from university, which was a testimony to the rigorous boot camp training that they participated in at EPAM. Overall, it was a great event and EPAMers had a great learning experience at the hackathon. Here is what the winners of the hackathon had to say about their experience:

“The hackathon was a great event where we came together in several teams to collaborate on innovative ideas. As newbies at EPAM, we experienced how team spirit plays an important part in driving towards a goal and how everyone's participation makes it possible to achieve that goal. Thank you to EPAM India for providing us this opportunity to showcase our ideas.”

Ashish Patil, Prashant Birajdar, Umang Boriwala
Winners of the EPAM India Hackathon, Q3 2018

“The EPAM Hackathon was focused on solving a real-world problem with innovative and scalable ideas. During the 36 hours, we challenged ourselves to achieve a common goal with cutting-edge technology, like machine learning, IoT and data structures. Seeing a project from ideation to implementation is a big motivator for any developer – that’s what a hackathon is all about. Thanks for providing this opportunity!”

Gowtham Thurangi, Rakesh Gupta, Sana Parveen, Saurabh Mishra, Saurabhkumar Marpadge
Second Place Winners of the EPAM India Hackathon, Q3 2018

“Throughout the event, we felt excited, nervous, tired, rushed, motivated, passionate and enlightened. We have never been around so many passionate and dedicated people. We learned new frameworks and libraries together, and it was a wonderful learning experience. We would like to thank the organizers for making this a smooth and flawless event.”

Partha Sen, Shailendra Pallikonda
Third Place Winners of the EPAM India Hackathon, Q3, 2018