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3D Printing Hackathon for Kids

As part of EPAM eKids, EPAM India recently held a 3D printing hackathon for their employees’ kids. During this two-day workshop, children learned not only the skills and technique of 3D printing but also gained problem-solving experience.

The children came up with solutions to solve their or their parents’ everyday issues. From building items to charge cell phones and a slip-free cell phone cover, to developing travel-friendly toothbrush holders, the sky was the limit for what these children could envision, design and create in a span of two days.

This hackathon was part of EPAM’s global Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to encourage kids to join the digital revolution. Here is what EPAMers had to say about the hackathon:

My child, who is 11 years old and in the sixth grade, thoroughly enjoyed the program. The session was very informative, intriguing and engaging. My son looked forward to the second day and could not stop talking about the session to his grandparents on both days after coming home. It was a well-planned event, and more importantly, I felt very proud to show off my EPAM office to my family. They absolutely loved it. Great Start!” - Ponnaga Vanimisetti, Delivery Manager

“Exposing emerging technologies to children at this early age is a fantastic idea! My children learned about new platforms like TinkerCAD and refreshed their mathematics basics. Overall, it was a great event and learning experience.” - Emmanuel Gosula, Senior Resource Development Manager

“The workshop for kids is an awesome learning mechanism that is well-suited for the real world. My brother not only learned 3D designing and printing, he also developed skills like teamwork and collaboration. During the workshop, kids identified a problem, brainstormed in a group discussion, identified possible solutions, and designed solutions like product development by considering the benefits and limitations of the project. They created ideas using 3D printing and finally presented their work to an audience. It was just like a real-life situation, which involved an end-to-end product development process.” - Shujath Alam, Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

The hackathon was just the first step in EPAM India’s work in inspiring employees’ children to become involved in technology.