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World Quality Day celebrated at EPAM India

World Quality Day was celebrated at EPAM India this year on 9 November. The Quality Assurance Group (QAG) on this day offered an awareness challenge for EPAMers at India through an online quiz on the fundamentals QMS process. Several EPAMers took on the challenge by quickly responding to the quiz. Winners were picked based on the quickness of response and correctness of answers provided. Top three winners were gifted with Kindle Readers. It was a certainly a knowledge refresher for all who participated. Congratulations to the top three winners!

Delivery Excellence Goals

Posters highlighting EPAM India Delivery Goals were specifically created for the event and were communicated through mailers throughout the day.

Recognition Badges

EPAMers who are Quality role models for their teammates for their high-quality deliverables were recognized with newly introduced badges. In EPAM India, 32 badges were gifted on this day!

Finally,  some curious facts about quality management such as how does it work in EPAM, what principles do we follow were show-cased on EPAM TV screens at all our India locations.