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EPAM’s Software Engineering Conference

EPAM is a continuously growing company with many people who have a wealth of valuable information. To learn all of this great knowledge from one another, EPAM hosts our annual Software Engineering Conference (SEC) to bring together EPAMers, talented colleagues from other companies and select clients from all over the world to share ideas, build engineering excellence and showcase their skills. Together they guarantee an SEC program full of high quality material that offers something valuable for everyone!

This year’s SEC, held in Budapest, Hungary in September, is our 9th event and the second SEC that is open to clients and friends of EPAM. The theme of SEC 2017 is Engineering NEXT, where over 500 attendees will be united by a passion for technology and will explore the  trends that shape the future of technology transformation. The event will include a Main Stage track with keynote presentations, including talks from our CEO, Arkadiy Dobkin, and other well-known thought leaders in the areas of cloud, data, digital transformation and disruption.

Stay tuned for a recap and learnings from this exciting event!