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EPAM India Launches Innovation Labs at Two High Schools

Just as we relentlessly pursue the best solutions for our clients, we are also committed to the global communities around us. Our employees are empowered to make a difference through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

As part of our local CSR initiatives, EPAM Innovation Labs launched in two high schools in July in Shabad and Nizamabad. The labs will provide a space for children to explore and expand their knowledge in creative computing and coding based on the Scratch platform. Globally, EPAM e-Kids, a program that encourages young children to explore software engineering, launched in 2015 and is now active across 12+ countries. In July 2017, Shamilka Samarasinha, EPAM Global CSR Head, was here in Hyderabad as a chief guest at these schools and inaugurated the labs on behalf of EPAM.

At the Dhyanahita High School in Shabad Village & Mandal, R.R. District and SNV High School in Shivaji Nagar, Nizamabad, EPAM opened a lab and provided 20+ desktop computers and other needed infrastructure that supports remote training sessions. Each year, approximately 500 children will benefit from these labs to improve logical thinking, gain knowledge on the computer programming and learn about emerging technologies.

Congratulations and thanks to our CSR team members for volunteering to set up the labs. Our special thanks to Shamilka for her support in successfully launching the e-Kids labs. In addition, we thank the trainers from Minsk and Ukraine for training the schoolteachers on Scratch programming language.

Over the next few years, our CSR team will work closely with these schools to monitor the training programs and get monthly reports on the progress. Read more about our local efforts from Hindu, a leading national newspaper.