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EPAM Furthers Education In Local Schools

Our colleagues in EPAM India have been hard at work helping to improve the local community and further our corporate social responsibility initiatives, specifically in education. Over the last few months, EPAM India has been involved in several different initiatives with local schools.

EPAMers attended the Republic Day celebrations at Sri Nutana Vyasa High School where students celebrated with theatrical performances. EPAM India is currently working with this school to establish a computer lab with video conference capabilities, and hire and train a computer teacher to educate the children. EPAM experts will teach classes on different technologies once the computer lab is up and running. This computer lab will also provide training for government school children in addition to Sri Nutana Vyasa High School students.

EPAM India supports Anand Nilayam, an elderly home and orphanage in Siddipet. Last year, EPAM screened a children’s movie to emphasize parent-child bonding and teach ethical and moral values to children.

We are also working with a government high school in ZPHS Mothey that educates children from underprivileged backgrounds in 6th — 10th grade. Our support will provide classroom furniture, a water purification system to supply safe drinking water, and renovations to the computer lab.

Finally, EPAM works with Ayusha Nilayam, an organization that cares for more than 30 young boys in Secunderabad. In February 2017, EPAMers from our local India office volunteered with this organization and played sports, arts and crafts, and other activities with the children. For most of these EPAMers, it was the first time volunteering through our CSR initiatives.

Emmanuel Gosula, Senior Software Engineering Manager at EPAM India, said, “We felt proud that we did something substantial for our community and were able to see our impact and the importance of our work with these children. The children there reminded us of our childhood, and we felt so happy to be with them. We spent as much time as we could with them and we are already thinking of returning to Ayusha Nilayam to help these children in any way that we can. Simply put, their happy faces made our day and we’re looking forward to doing this more often.”