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EngX Week at EPAM India

EPAM India recently concluded the second season of EngX week from 27th November to 1st December. The week was packed with lots of Tech Talk sessions, contests and coding events.

Tech talk sessions on ‘Machine learning’, ‘building GDPR’, ‘Performance Insights using Visual Studio’, ‘Delivery Excellence’ etc. helped India EPAMers to gain key insights on the leading trends and technologies in the industry. Coding Kata sessions on Solid principles and Refactoring were held where different coding snippets were presented and participants had to refactor the code and match it with the actual solution. An ‘I can code’ session was held for Support functions to help them learn and understand more about coding. During the EngX week, daily quizzes were sent to EPAMers to solve coding puzzles and challenges and winners were given goodies and gifts as prizes.