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E-Kids Scratch4Good Competition at EPAM India

EPAM India is committed to encouraging social innovation in our communities. Our CSR Team at EPAM India is working with several elementary schools, high schools and universities to provide tech education and coding classes to expand the IT knowledge base in our country. EPAM India has adopted Dhyanahita High School for providing computer education to the school kids. In our endeavor to reach the goal, our colleagues from Hyderabad office have trained schoolteachers and kids on scratch and PHP language for the age group of 8 to 14 years.

As part of Children’s Day Celebrations on November 14, EPAM India organized the Scratch4Good competition at Dhyanahita High School. Children were asked to choose one goal from United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and to create an animated project – a computer game, movie or cartoon. Our EPAM India CSR volunteers attended the Scratch4Good competition and took part in their celebrations. 43 children participated in the competition as eight groups and presented their coding projects on "Clean water and sanitation", "Zero hunger", "No poverty", "Quality education", "Climate action" and "Gender Equality". Three winning teams were identified and prizes were given to the children.