EPAM India recently concluded the second season of EngX week from 27th November to 1st December. The week was packed with lots of Tech Talk sessions, contests and coding events.
EPAM India is committed to encouraging social innovation in our communities. Our CSR team at EPAM India is working with several elementary schools, high schools and universities to provide tech education and coding classes to expand the IT knowledge base in our country.
The Quality Assurance Group (QAG) offered an awareness challenge for EPAMers through an online quiz on the fundamentals of the QMS process.
Diwali festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.
EPAMers formed teams and coded together for 36 hours to come up with a feasible solution to a business problem centered around the topic of helping EPAM hire better.
EPAM Innovation Labs launched in two high schools in July in Shabad and Nizamabad. The labs will provide a space for children to explore and expand their knowledge in creative computing and coding based on the Scratch platform.
EPAM India celebrated Eid a festival of goodwill and sharing of love with all our fellow EPAMers.
The global EPAM community of hundreds of speakers and thousands of participants deliver and discuss the company’s vision, strategy, people practices and professional expertise.
Our colleagues in EPAM India have been hard at work helping to improve the local community and further our corporate social responsibility initiatives, specifically in education.
The theme of SEC 2017 is Engineering NEXT, where over 500 attendees will be united by a passion for technology and will explore the trends that shape the future of technology transformation.
Expressions 2016 was held at HICC and it was a gala event full of fun and festivities.
EPAM has joined the national Lead India 2020 initiative to help disadvantaged Indian youth fulfill their hidden potential.
We held a celebration at EPAM India for our employees to come together and show their patriotic spirit.