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Software Test Automation Engineer

I first heard about EPAM when I came across a review of the company with feedback that the interview process was tough and that you needed to have strong Java skills. Instead of thinking this feedback was negative, I thought it was positive when thinking about a career in technology. It’s like answering the interview question “What is your biggest weakness?” in the following manner “I pay a lot of attention to detail”, which in a way also reflects strength. When you have such a good infrastructure set up for recruitment and when candidates experience very challenging interview questions, you are bound to get the best candidates. Additionally, EPAM designed and built the tools used for evaluating the skills of the candidates. Imagine an online code editor with a video interface where your coding skills are tested. This is just one example that showcases how EPAM brings its motto – Engineering is in our DNA – to life.  

I went through the rigorous interview process, which included two technical rounds lasting about an hour and a half where the interviewers dived into concepts to get an understanding of my skills. I then went through two technical interviews and when I was selected, I was proud to have passed one of the best interview processes around. The level of questions throughout the process really gives you a sense of pride and motivation.

In a matter of days after I had passed the interview and before on-boarding began, there were several conversations that took place with HR. The major focus of these interactions was to connect me with the EPAM India leadership team. First, HR introduced me to Mahesh Patil, Director of EPAM’s Pune office and then Sandeep Joshi, Senior Director at EPAM. Both of these discussions gave me an in-depth look at EPAM’s culture. This kind of interaction with people in the leadership team is rare. To me, it showed the effectiveness of leadership and defined what “approachable management” really means.

The first day was a one-of-a-kind experience. For the first time in my career, the entire orientation took place at a coffee table and was conducted by Vaibhav Kelkar, HR Manager at EPAM Pune. What an ice-breaker! It was so cool, short and precise. Everything about the company was explained to me and to one other new employee. Then we had lunch with the recruitment team. The day ended with welcome gifts like a laptop bag, cup, pen logo, t-shirt and bottle with my name and the EPAM logo. These gifts were the icing on the cake to complete a warm welcome.

During one of my first interactions with leadership, one of the directors told me to stay humble and hungry. This phrase describes the culture here. My advice to future EPAMers is to have a lifelong-learner attitude and never think that you know it all. This is about being humble. Be passionate about your work, dream big and be the hardest worker of them all. That is about being hungry. Everything else will take care of itself in this amazing EPAM journey.


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