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Senior Project Manager

We interviewed Vinod Sirigiri, Senior Project Manager who has been at the helm of our work with a supply chain management company.

Tell us something about yourself and your childhood.

I am a simple person and I had a very simple childhood. I was always an above average student in school and consistently ranked in the top three students at school. I always wanted to become a doctor but due to certain circumstances, I chose a different career path. I pursued my masters in Biochemistry from Madras University and wanted to do my MPhil when I decided to change my career path and pursue the IT industry. I had received my diploma in Computers alongside my BSc so that helped me get into the corporate sphere. My dad is my biggest source of inspiration. I have always seen him living completely in the present, never anxious about the future nor regretful about the past. Even today when I sit with him when I go back home after work, I feel energized.

Tell us about your professional life.

I first started as an Analyst at a tech company 13 years ago. It did not take me very long to get bored with the work I was doing and I thought about moving on. The head of HR called me and counseled me. I then moved onto another project and within three months, I received the quarterly award, which was a major turning point in my career and I’ve never looked back. My journey with supply chain management started soon after an opening was posted in the pharmaceutical space. I made the decision to apply and explore new opportunities and it just clicked. It has been a successful 12 years of my career and I would like to express gratitude to my family for supporting me in my successful career.

Before joining EPAM, I was a Project Manager with a tech company until 2012 and then moved to a software organization as Product Manager for a sales and operations planning suite. Both the roles were hands-on and involved core supply chain management. I knew EPAM was a technology company so I challenged myself to do something different and add value to the organization by bringing my supply chain management expertise to my current project. What strikes me about EPAM is the openness and transparency I’ve experienced.

What are the commandments you live by in your career?

Come with a smile and leave with a smile.

I feel that as we grow from an individual contributor to a leader, our responsibilities start extending beyond ourselves to our team members. Our measure of success is proportional to their growth. If the team grows, we grow.

A manager works within the boundaries, but a leader goes beyond the boundaries.

My team always approaches me as a friend not as a manager. I consciously work towards ensuring that I am always accessible to my team, which is why I prefer sitting alongside my team instead of in an isolated office. I don’t like the idea of my team knocking on my door to meet with me.

As a manager, I believe in being transparent with my team by making sure that my team understands the goals. This helps the team get a bigger picture and understand their part in helping to reach the goal. Understanding the bigger picture empowers the team.

You said earlier that you are a simple person, what is your mantra for simplicity?

“Stop competing with others, because you are your own benchmark.”

Life becomes simple when you stop comparing yourself with others.

What are your passions?

I love following developments in the automobile industry. Whether it’s cars or bikes, I keep myself updated.

If you were to send a message to your kids right now, what would you tell them?

Be self-reliant and organized. Do not forget your roots and never let your ego rule your logic. Do what your heart says and let your wisdom guide you. And always remember that you can misuse knowledge but when you use wisdom to guide you, you will never lose your way.


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