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Senior Software Testing Engineer

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Umesh Mutyala and I work as a Senior Software Testing Engineer at EPAM. I like to troubleshoot problems. A day without learning anything new is not a good day for me. Working with new people gives me new ideas and thoughts, and helps me see life differently. I love to travel and I enjoy scuba diving.

How did you become an engineer?

I was drawn to the fact that if you’re an engineer, you can always develop an object or modify it. You can re-engineer it too. This passion helped me become an engineer.

What brought you to EPAM?

I always thought it would be interesting to work on multiple projects with different challenges. When I received a job opportunity to work at EPAM as a test engineer, I joined the company without any second thoughts and I believe it was the best decision I made!

What do you like most about working here?

EPAM has the latest technology stack. EPAM always recognizes the efforts of those individuals who go the extra mile and that is what I like about it. There are various techie games and events such as coding challenges which are quite fun. EPAM also emphasizes health and wellness to help people get fit.

Any advice for future EPAMers?

Welcome! You are joining a wonderful company and you will enjoy your work life here. Join as many company events as you can. If you don’t know something, there’s nothing to worry about. We are always happy to help.


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