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Senior Software Engineer

Tell us about yourself.

I am a full stack engineer. I am a lifelong learner and like to read, try new things and discover things that motivate me. I prefer to be involved in all aspects of an application development life cycle.

How did you become an engineer?

It’s not education that made me an engineer, but instead the aspiration to build or develop new things that made me want to be an engineer. Finding the best optimized solution is what I like most about being an engineer.

What brought you to EPAM?

Throughout the EPAM interview process, I met with senior leaders and believe they are highly motivated to build and grow a technology company. One of our core values is our "Engineering DNA" because we started as a software engineering company and have grown to include other capabilities but our core foundation has remained the same.

What do you like most about working here?

As a company, EPAM values continuous learning and staying ahead of market trends. Our unified assessment is the best tool for self-motivated employees to drive their career aspirations regardless the level of experience. Our employees’ engagement plans create a healthy work environment, and individual achievements and successes are appreciated and rewarded.

Any advice for future EPAMers?

EPAM provides work-life balance, continuous opportunities to grow in technical and functional areas, and opportunities to improve as well. EPAM has several useful tools for employees to grow, learn new skills, track feedback and be recognized.


Software Test Automation Engineer

Lead Software Testing Engineer

Software Test Engineer

Senior Software Testing Engineer

Senior Project Manager

Chief Software Engineer