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Lead Software Testing Engineer

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Ramesh Duvvada and I work on application integration testing. I like to travel, enjoy nature, and play riddles and games that involve solving logic. I completed my career development plan with the Automation Mentoring Program at EPAM India. It’s a great learning platform to enhance your automation skills.

How did you become an engineer?

I am a mechanical engineer by education, but ended up becoming experienced in software testing. I started my career with a mechanical engineering company. I believe that my skills, abilities and (most importantly) passion are aligned with the IT industry.

What brought you to EPAM?

Having spent a good amount of time in my previous organization, I felt that I was ready for the next phase in my career. After exploring potential opportunities, I received a call from EPAM. During the hiring process, I heard many wonderful things about working for the company. One thing I like about EPAM is the flexibility.

What do you like most about working here?

There’s so much opportunity to grow here – it’s a great work environment and an excellent team. I always want to continue learning and evolving, and EPAM is committed to supporting its employees through continuing education. I also value that the company provides individuals with growth opportunities and the ability to expand your knowledge.

Any advice for future EPAMers?

EPAM offers career growth opportunities, great people to work with, a healthy work-life balance, employee recognition program and a casual work environment. Take advantage of EPAM courses, EPAM University, EPAM e-learning and channel your career development through GROW, Mentoring Programs and Unified Assessment.


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