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    “EPAM has a platform that allows me to track my performance and career growth; the company has always supported me in advancing my skills and competencies. As a Senior Project Manager, I still see multiple opportunities at EPAM for learning, and there are no boundaries when it comes to cross-training in any skill set relevant to your career and role. EPAM gives each employee the ownership to build his or her career.”


    Senior Project Manager, EPAM India

    “Whatever your ultimate goals are, EPAM takes the first step towards fulfilling your goal. Every year, I have grown in my career and learned a lot about project delivery and technical skills from my colleagues at EPAM. When I need someone to help me, they are always there!”


    Lead Software Testing Engineer, EPAM India

    “I like to think that EPAM stands for ‘Engineering Practices and Me’, which makes EPAM different from other tech companies because you have a leading role in the company’s success.”


    Lead Software Test Automation Engineer

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