Meet Rohit

Senior Software Engineer at EPAM

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Rohit Vaidya. I like to solve programming problems. I am fond of chess, but in a different way – I write programs that play chess with me. I am a Java User Group Meeting Organizer in Hyderabad with over 1,800 members. I like giving tech talks and attend many myself.  At EPAM, I am a Coding DOJO and Code Retreat Sensei, Engineering Excellence Bootcamp author, assessment expert and like to make people aware about Coding Standards and Clean Code practices. 

How did you become an engineer?

I loved mathematics in school and slowly became interested in computers. I enrolled in an engineering school for a computer science program and fell in love with programming. I loved subjects on data structures, algorithms and discrete mathematics. At the end of my course, I realized I must spend more time in academics. I became a lecturer and loved teaching discrete mathematics, C++ programming and embedded systems in college. Soon after, I enrolled in a full-time M.Tech course at NIT Nagpur and had a lot of fun. A large technology provider of cloud systems visited our campus and that’s how I started my software career.

What brought you to EPAM?

I had spent considerable time in my first job and was looking for something more exciting. I saw a job opportunity with EPAM and applied immediately. EPAM has its presence in all major continents (except Antarctica!) and I felt it was a good opportunity to work in a company with a multi-cultural environment and an emphasis on best-in-class engineering practices. The interview process was completed in a week and I became an EPAMer in a month!

What do you look forward to the most about working here?

We have so many events - Tech Talks, Dojo's, Coding Kata's, Hackathons, etc. It just never gets boring working here. EPAM is working with niche clients and they expect excellence. This mindset will always help your career.

Any advice for future EPAMers?

Engineering is a creative endeavor. Invest in yourself; focus on the basics. EPAM will invest in you and your skills. Don't forget to have fun, but learn from your mistakes.

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